What to Look for in a Professional Tree Care Specialist in Denver

Beautiful trees do much more than enhance our landscape. They also improve the very quality of our lives by shielding noise, creating oxygen, increasing curb appeal and overall property value, while providing vital shade for our homes, enhancing our homes landscape, gardens, and lawns appeal.

Over the years, we have become the No. 1 Arborists in Denver due to our expertise and knowledge on what it takes to grow healthy and fruitful trees in our semi-arid Denver, Colorado climate. We take great pride in our unparalleled reputation as leading tree care experts. In a field that is riddled with unscrupulous wannabe tree specialist, our longstanding customers are a clear testament to our dedication to offering honest and above board service.

Tree care services can include:
– Supplemental watering.
– Tree and shrub fertilization.
– Stump grinding.
– Tree stumps removal.
– Tree and shrub trimming and pruning.
– Treatment and disease outbreak curbing.
– Organic mulching.
– Holiday lighting.
– Tree planting.


What to look for in a tree care specialist in Denver, CO. is a common question by most tree owners. These essential tips will help you to navigate through the dozens of tree experts listings and finally find a professional company.

  • Experience:

A tree specialist is worth his experience. Experience acquired through grueling hours of dedicated tree care services through storms, winter, heat, and diseases. Settle for a tree care specialist who has enough experience providing care services to a broad range of trees.

  • Insurance:

Accidents either of a personal or property nature are very common in this industry. That is why a tree care specialist company should have a comprehensive public liability cover and a personal accident and workman compensation insurance for its staff. These two covers indemnify you from any claims in case of an accident while any work is being done on your trees.

  • Emergency tree removal:

Emergency services will always come at a premium. However, if you have a tree leaning dangerously against your home or it’s blocking your driveway after a storm, then you need to have it removed immediately. Settle for a company that provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency services.

  • Tools and technology:

A tree care specialist company MUST have the requisite tools and technology to handle any work. Tools include; bucket trucks to handle tall trees, track loaders for clearing root networks, aerial lifts to access trees overhanging buildings, spikes to climbs trees, cables, chippers, chainsaws, and stump grinders.

A qualified, professional tree care specialist will add valuable life and health into your trees. Make the right choice, choose wisely. Your trees will outlive you.

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