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Welcome to Tree Removal Denver!  We are Colorado’s #1 Tree Service Company, and are proud to have served the Denver, Colorado communities for over 10 years, and are happy to bring our services to Columbine Valley.

Listed below are some of most common services.  If you require special assistance or custom services, please call us to discuss your exact needs.  You can give us a call at 855-335-1596 for your free estimate!

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Columbine ValleyA full takedown and removal can be a difficult and delicate task.  However, as our name suggests, we are the top specialists when it comes to tree removal throughout Denver and it’s surrounding areas, so we can handle even the most difficult jobs.   We offer free estimates for all of our jobs.

Tree removal is only an ideal option when a tree is dying, or considered irreparably hazardous, or it’s causing obstruction not possible to correct through pruning.  However it can sometimes be necessary for building developments or other construction projects.

Our tree experts can determine the best action when removing a tree; sometimes they may recommend relocation or replacement by a more suitable tree type.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Columbine ValleyAfter tree cutting a tree, the work is not usually done; there will be a need to remove a stump. This is actually the hardest task. Many tree service companies seldom include stump removal leaving this unenviable task in the hand of a homeowner.

That’s why it’s important to select the best tree care professional, like those from Tree Removal Denver!  Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have, provide free estimates, and provide the best possible service for you!

There are different ways to remove a stump, but grinding is the most preferred way. Stump grinding is not something you should try at home, although some homeowners do.  The exact course of action will depend on the type of a tree stump, its root systems, your soil conditions, age of the stump among other things.  We will handle all that and more if you give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

tree trimming Columbine ValleyAll trees grow quickly, hence a need to be trimmed or lopped. The main objective of tree trimming is to improve the tree structure and of course its overall health. Your tree care professionals will be able to assess the trimming needs, select the branches that will be removed either to create a better tree structure, lessen wind resistance or to reduce problems related to storm damage. Most likely trimming will be done on young trees but as noted above that will definitely depend on your individual circumstances.

Pruning services provide various benefits to the tree and to you, as a homeowner. There are different ways pruning is done, but your ideal tree tree Service and removal company should be able to recommend the type of pruning necessary to maintain your tree or improve its health or its appearance. They may decide to remove self-infected or damaged limbs, dead limbs or eliminate branches that are rubbing each other. They will also remove limbs interfering with electric wires, building thereby obstructing views, sidewalks or streets.

Emergency Services

Emergency Tree Service Columbine ValleyWe can also provide other auxiliary services like tree planting, fertilization, cabling and emergency tree care. The emergency service is especially very important especially during a storm when branches and the entire tree lands on a building, cars or other trees. A good tree care professional should assist in safe removal of the tree and determine the best cause of action to your tree without leaving your family exposed to dangers associated with improper tree care.


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